Darwin - Northern Territory

Darwin located in the northern part of the Northern Territory. It is has a tropical climate with two seasons a year the dry and the wet seasons.

Darwin has a world-class university that specialises in research. It also has excellent Vocational and English provider delivering a variety of course options.

Darwin is an outdoor style city, and its urban design reflects this. From inner-city apartment living to large properties on the outer of town, its architecture is designed to celebrate to outdoors.

Due to its smaller population and distance to receive goods, the cost of living here is higher than in most Australian Cities.

  • Outdoor style city
  • Population: 154.280 (2019)
  • Weather Average: 28ºC
  • State: Northern Territory

Did you know that?

  • Its population is 150,000 with 60 different nationalities.
  • The Didgeridoo, famed instrument of the indigenous Australians, originally came from Arnhem Land, just east of Darwin.
  • Darwin enjoys a year-round tropical climate averaging 30°C (86ºF).
  • Swimming in the ocean is dangerous due to the many crocodiles so you must swim in designated swimming holes.
  • The city is named after Charles Darwin.

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