Tasmania - Australia

Tasmania is a modern, vibrant place to live and study that offers an affordable alternative to other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

With little pollution and pristine wilderness at your doorstep, Tasmania’s island lifestyle provides easy access to activities and cultural events that will inspire you.

Tasmania's education sector has a long history of excellence and high-quality teaching across all levels of study – including University, secondary education, vocational training and English language programs. An exceptional range of study options at world-class institutions.

  • A vibrant place to live
  • Population: 522.327 (2019)
  • Weather Average: 35ºC
  • State: Island state of Australia

Did you know that?

  • Tasmania has the world's cleanest air.
  • Tasmania has the oldest trees in the world.
  • Tasmania has dense rainforests.
  • Mount Ossa is the highest mountain in Tasmania.
  • Hobart (capital of Tasmania) is the second driest capital city in Australia.

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