Melbourne - Victoria

Melbourne the cultural hub of Australia. Located in Victoria, a southern state of Australia, Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of the country. Some words that well describe Melbourne: galleries, theatres, expositions, museums, concerts, shows, amazing wildlife, fashion, culinary, entertainment sport and education. 

Melbourne is rated the number one student city in Australia and third best student city in the world, so it’s no surprise it has the country’s biggest student population. A true university city, Melbourne is home to 227,000 international students from over 170 countries who make up one third of its student population. International students in Melbourne enjoy an action packed and inclusive inner-city lifestyle with world-class study options.

  • Australia’s best ranked student city
  • Population: 5.078 million (2019)
  • Weather Average: 11ºC
  • State: Victoria

Did you know that?

  • Melbourne was the capital city of Australia for 26 years between 1901 and 1927 before the capital shifted to Canberra.
  • The world’s largest stained-glass ceiling is located in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria.
  • Melbourne was originally named Batmania.
  • The first ever set of traffic lights in Australia was installed in Melbourne.

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