About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why Choose Us

International experience is crucial these days. Having an overseas qualification is essential to have opportunities in the highly competitive job-market. In order to guide international students to improve their knowledge and skills, YES Australia Education offers career advice for students providing the best option according to their needs.

Our Mission

  • To promote personal and professional development through an amazing education experience.
  • To showcase the Australian educational system.
  • Support our clients in the education journey and live life in Australia.
  • Help our clients select the right course to achieve their career goal.

YES Australia Education

is an Australian company that offers complete educational services for people looking to study in Australia. With head office in Perth - Western Australia, the company has all the expertise and resources to assist prospective students from the initial selecting of a course and school to supporting the student in their arrival in Australia.

What sets us apart from other education agents?

YES Australia Education support to students does not finish when the student arrives in Australia, it is only the beginning.

The company Director has 31 years of experience in living in Australia. The team of Student Counsellor have all been former Australian international student and have traveled extensively across Australia, hence this has given them a unique first-hand experience on the needs of international students.

We have a commitment to continuous improvement

All our Student Counsellors attend training regularly in Australia in the areas of education and migration. Our Student Counsellors travel overseas once a year to Australia to attend valuable training and to visits the schools and universities.

We only work with the best schools around Australia!

Our Head Office in Australia is located in Perth, the company provides free assistance to our students on all aspect of living in Australia: from looking for accommodation or a job, opening a bank account, applying for a tax file number to providing assistance and referral to specialise services such as medical and legal. YES Australia Education provides free assistance for all visa extension.​