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Student VisaBiggest opportunities for your future. Go for it!

If you are on a different type of visa and are considering working or studying in Australia, make an appointment, and we will give you a free assessment to see if you meet the student visa requirements.

Extending VisaLife is an amazing journey and we will guide you through it

If you would like to continue in Australia, we can help you with the extension process. Getting a full assessment and expert advice is extremely important, especially when it comes to course selection and career advice.

Study and Career AdviceTransform your career with the best education in the world

Study and career advice is the most critical part of our job. We take it personally when it comes to our client's experience. We ensure that we understand you and your education expectations with career goals and work with you to set you up to achieve your career goals.

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Skills Assessments

Once you have finished your studies, we can help you with the skill assessment process.

Free Workshops

We do monthly workshops to help International students with there life in Australia. Our agencies offer a series of workshops and seminars to assist in all aspects of your life in Australia. Follow our social media to see what workshops we have coming up.


We understand that living in a new country is not easy. It takes great courage to do this, and we admire your decision. But this does not mean you never need help. So if you need help with anything at all with your life in Australia. Please always feel free to drop in and talk to us.

Health Insurance

Insurance helps to protect you from high health care costs, especially those related to chronic medical conditions or the need for hospitalization.



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