Adelaide - South Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. Its known as the city of churches but don't let this title fool you.

Adelaide also has high achieving academic students, the fastest internet in Australia and some of Australia's best food and wine. Adelaide is a relaxed but sophisticated city with the harmony between the old and the new.

For over 170 years, this city has provided students of all ages with the education that allows them to follow their dreams. Beaches, entertainment options and lots of festivals are waiting for you!

  • Biggest Aboriginal Artefacts display
  • Population: 1.67 million
  • Weather Average: 17ºC
  • State: South Australia

Did you know that?

  • Cheapest major Australian city to live in.
  • World largest producer of opals.
  • Nobel lectures.
  • World best red wines producers.
  • City of churches.

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